Monday, September 15, 2008

H2go woos customers with fuel-efficiency

For an English essay, BYU student Tyler Camp wrote about fuel-efficient cars. That essay turned itself into a business venture. Camp now produces fuel-efficient units for vehicles in nearly half of the states.

His company, H2GO Enterprises, creates and installs units in cars capable of providing better fuel efficiency, even 10 added miles per gallon in some cars. It works by producing a gas from the separation of hydrogen and oxygen in water.

“This gas serves as a supplement to a vehicle's normal fuel source,” the company’s Web site said.

Although the technology isn’t completely innovative, Camp has made each unit affordable and easy to install.

“We decided to make it a company and make advancements to the product and make it more user-friendly for the population base,” Camp said.

The national average for the price of a gallon of gas is now at $3.95 and continues to rise. H2GO’s new system will help students save money on the increasing gas prices, Camp said.

“My Nissan Xterra sucks gas,” said Kristen Kmetzsch, a Utah Valley resident. “If it honestly will save gas money, then it’s always nice to try something new.”

Camp and his business partners, Anthony Johnson and Trevor Slade, who are also BYU students, want to make the system fit any student’s budget. Johnson also makes a lot of headway by selling the product on Ebay.

Despite its claim to better fuel-efficiency and lower emissions, the system still gives some concern to students.

“I wouldn’t want my horsepower or torque to be affected,” UVU student Gabe Thayn said.

Thayn was interested in the idea but also said he was somewhat indifferent in actually adding one to his car.

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