Friday, October 9, 2009

"Retire Early" Advertising Campaign

Here's how the "Save Money" campaigns turned out after I talked to Professor McKinley. I decided to make it a little more causal: If you save you'll retire early; If you don't save, you'll have headaches and never retire.

Jim retires at 45.
Bob and Shirley keep working.

Jim Redding
Jim saved just $500/month and did without unnecessary memberships and credit cards. Now he’s looking at a $500,000 retirement at age 45. Jim doesn’t deal with the financial headaches that many Americans suffer from. He always goes by the saying, “don’t spend what you don’t have.”

Bob Thompson
Bob lives on the edge--the edge of financial ruin. With over $11,000 in credit card debt, he’ll consider himself lucky when he’ll pay it off in 20 years, having spent $4,700 on interest. In the meantime he’ll max out a few more credit cards and keep getting headaches.

Shirley Pilford
Shirley’s more concerned about spending rather than saving.  She can’t give up her cable tv. After all, she’s got 1,000 channels, of which 10 she actually watches. She won’t go without her 5 subscriptions to magazines she never has time to read. And what about her membership at the gym she doesn’t have to time to go to?

Mug shots from istockphoto.

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