Saturday, May 21, 2011

Come to Salt Lake City, Mozcation!

Let me tell you a few reasons why Mozcation should come to Salt Lake City:
  • Salt Lake City houses some very large Search Marketing companies: BlueGlass, Adobe (Omniture),, MWI, 97th Floor.
  • Utah is a hotbed of smart people. With two world class universities (Univ. of Utah and Brigham Young Univ.) within a short distance of each other, the SLC area is full of many technology/marketing geniuses. Because of a lower cost of living in Utah, many large technology companies have moved offices and even headquarters to Utah: Microsoft, HP, Adobe, Mozy,,
  • Salt Lake City is the home of the urban outdoorsmen (and women). Because SLC is so close to the mountains it attracts people who seek a culturally diverse, urban home, coupled with the freedom of enjoying the outdoors. Activities within 30 minutes of downtown SLC include rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, etc. I'm under the impression that many of you SEOMozzers love the dual lifestyle.
  • SEOMoz's SEO tools (there, I gave you a decent link) are loved by the SEO community in Utah.


  1. Interesting video. Not sure how I feel about all these great secrets being let out! Sure does make me homesick. Big time.

  2. your fish looked hungry, so I fed them