Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to write an effective resume: good tips

I recently attended a resume writing seminar and learned some very helpful tips. 

  • The employer is buying your education
  • A resume is a polished and professional IMPACT statement
  • A basic chronology of your related experience shapes your interview questions
  • In your cover letter show you can solve complex problems, think critically, be innovative, and communicate effectively
In the Resume:

  • Focus on results and impact
  • Show what you did, not what responsibilities you had
  • Your resume must get attention in 15-30 seconds
  • Write from the employer's perspective
  • Write and be prepared to talk about your experiences in this manner: Position > Responsibility > Action > Result
  • Don't try to be the jack of all trades
  • At the end of interview ask, "If I have any questions, may I call you? Thank You"

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