Wednesday, January 6, 2010

REI: Rethink living

Our final project dealt with REI and catering an advertising campaign to the "non-outdoor consumer." It was a tough one but here's what we came up with.

Our campaign stems from using the word "rethink"--rethink living.

Headline: Rethink your Commute

Headline: Rethink your Commute
Copy: Carpool, traffic, and subway are three words that make you twinge. But the word commute shouldn’t. It’s time to shake up your travels to work and turn them into adventures. Is it snowy? Try skiing. Is it sunny? Try cycling. REI will provide the equipment you need so that when you get to work you have a story to tell. Finally you have something to brag about at the water cooler.

Headline: Rethink Dining Out
Copy: This restaurant is unique. No windows, walls, hosts, or hostesses. The only oven you’ll find is Dutch and the only stove you’ll find is Coleman. The patrons are those you call friends and family. Food is accompanied by stories and laughter. REI can supply everything you need to dine under the stars, your job is to recruit hungry diners.

Headline: Rethink the Movies
Copy: The plot is simple but the characters are complex. You’ve heard about them for years but it’s this night that they really shine. Ursa Major and Minor played starring roles, and Orion’s performance is worthy of accolades. REI had everything we needed to make this movie night perfect. From the chairs to the headlamp the night was perfect. The best part about the night, no crowds.

Homepage with banner redesign (above).

Inside page for "Reinvent" in the navigation.

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  1. I really like the way these look, especially the commute one. These might be my favorite ads you've posted.