Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time to buy a Mac for a Designer

I'm finally making the jump from a PC to a Mac. The deciding factor? Money.

I'm a designer with a lot of focus on user experience. You may wonder why I haven't been using a mac all along. Well, Macs are expensive and I've always had a PC. I remember when my dad brought home our first real PC. It was a Dell and the computer box was almost the size of a microwave. Hard drive space? A whopping 4GB. Since then, I've built my own PCs--always getting a nice CPU with extra RAM.

Do I have any affinity for Microsoft? Not a shred. In fact, I've decided that Microsoft's pathetic excuse for a browser, Internet Explorer, is my mortal enemy. I will rejoice on the day that IE officially loses the dominant market share, and I will sing the "Hallelujah" chorus when IE officially dies...

I think a designer can get by on a PC, but a Mac just makes life so much easier--Faster, simpler functionality and interface; no sudden system crashes; no endless system upgrades; and the list goes on. Most importantly, with a Mac, I won't get the awkward looks from people who learned that I was a designer on a PC.

Macs are sleek, beautiful pieces of engineering finesse and artistic design combined into one. It's no wonder that Apple can ask a pretty penny for its products. Because it's Apple.


  1. Microsoft is so yesterday. Apple is so today. Ubuntu is so tomorrow. Ubuntu is THE new Apple, but without exorbitant price. (Yes, I know it's hard to run Adobe on Ubuntu so valid reasons for Apple still exist, for now. But it's sssooooo nice not to be tethered by either of these companies.) Go Ubuntu.

  2. I think you are on the right track there... and I think Google can also see this shift. Ubuntu is different in that it is not "tethered by [any] companies." It is a software created by the community--created by the market, for the market. You can't get any better market research than that.